kids saying more darned things

September 2, 2010

tuesday was parents’ night at lily’s preschool. almost missed it! i am not used to how the school is environmentally friendly and prints information on both sides of the paper. fortunately the school is also good about posting giant, flourescent reminders for big deals like parents night.

but i was already booked up babysitting for some friends, and so i stayed home and chris went. he texted me when he got there and said he was outnumbered men to women 2:50. crazy. i’m glad chris ended up going.

he learned from lily’s teacher that earlier at school, they were showing their brown bags full of stuff their favorite things. in lily’s bag was a pink crayon, a pink hair elastic, a little thing of pink nail polish, a toy donut, a card with baseball stickers (for her love of stickers, and baseball), and a picture of Pororo, her favorite little korean penguin.

lily’s teacher asked her about Pororo. “is he korean? do you speak korean?” lily answered in the affirmative. “wow! can you say ‘hi’ in korean?” and in true watson-form, lily said “hi in korean.” oh i love my girl!!!

meanwhile at home, i was trying to get three little kids to sleep. the baby i was watching is 3 months old and had a ton of gas! so needless to say she was not the happiest baby on the block. so with her crying, it was hard for my kids to fall asleep. they were pretty concerned. :what’s wrong with baby girl? what’s wrong with colbie?” no. i wasn’t watching our friend colbie, but for some reason my kids call almost all babies colbies at some point. it’s weird and funny. so i was running from her room to their room and so on and so forth. one of the last times, i was sitting with topher, who was pretty upset, and i told him i had to take care of the baby. he looked up at me with the most earnest look and he said: “mom, take care of topher first.” and then i was pretty upset…



kids saying more darned things


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