the kids in the striped pajamas

January 19, 2012

ok. this post has nothing to do with a concentration camp, although maybe topher and lily sometimes feel like they are living under a crazy dictatorship. i dunno. but this post has everything to do with some seriously recycled and well-worn and well-loved pajamas.

here is topher wearing a pair of red striped pajamas when he was a wee little one:

after he was done with them, those pjs got sent to korea and sunha wore them. i really wish i had a picture of her wearing them. i actually think those pajamas may have been sungu’s now that i thnk about it. if i can get a pic of that too, that will be amazing.

and now, these pajamas are back in arizona and mia couldn’t be happier about it:

man i love this face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mia’s smile literally melts my heart. what’s that you’re saying? that’s the wrong use of ‘literally’? i don’t think so. when she smiles i can actually feel my atrium turning into a pile of fluid, meshing into a mess with the lower ventricle and in a few seconds, there is a pool of vessels and valves that used to be my heart, but is no longer. it’s so wonderful! and this happens about 20 times a day, if not more.

so i am a sucky blogger these days. but it’s cause i try not to blog when the kids are awake, but there are rarely times in my day when all three kids are asleep, so right now mia is asleep and the two big ones are playing nicely together, so i decided to steal a couple moments for myself this morning to reconnect with the outside world! but now mia is stirring, so i am out!



the kids in the striped pajamas


  1. Love her smile!!!! and you too, my friend!

  2. Brantonians says:

    Ok, I freaked out when I read the post title! Thanks for not enslaving your kids. When can I get some Mia time and smooch those amazing cheecks!!!

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