Kids Do the Darndest Things

August 29, 2008

I wrote in my last post that we have been busy and crazy, but that we have also been laughing, but then I didn’t have time to expand on that. So here are a couple things that have made us chuckle in the midst of insanity:

-I really can’t remember what Jeehon and I were doing, but we left the big kids unattended for a few moments in the living room. Maybe we were breaking down boxes in the garage. I don’t know. But there’s no need to call CPS folks, at least one of us was always in the house! So I was walking towards the living room and all I could hear was crinkling and crackling. I peeked in and saw Sungu with a box of cookies. He had one of his chubby paws in there but could not get a cookie out to save his life! It was one of those packages where the cookies come in a plastic tray with 4 sleeves of five cookies. Jeehon and I had ‘fortunately’ eaten all the cookies in the first two sleeves which is why Sungu was having such a hard time getting one out! Lily was behind Sungu looking over his shoulder, egging him on. She had such hope and expectation in her eyes. Poor thing. When I busted the pair, they stopped only for a moment to look at who had caught them, and then they went right back to trying to get their prize until I snatched the cookies and put them in the pantry where they belong.

-Lily’s new ‘thing to do’ is she puts on some shoes (usually not hers), picks up anything resembling a purse, (a bucket serves the same purpose because it has a handle) then she saunters over to the door and waves and says ‘bye’. So cute. The other day as she was ‘coming home’ I handed Jun-Lee over to her and told her that her baby missed her while she was gone. Lily hugged her baby and then dropped her on the floor. (She did NOT learn that from me!) She then lifted up her dress to her chin, picked her baby back up, and started ‘breast feeding’.

I do not know why I don’t have a video camera running at all times in this house! Wish you coulda been here to see even just one of these episodes.



Kids Do the Darndest Things


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