keeping up with the joneses

June 25, 2012

we live on a really nice street. i am blessed to live on this street. people take really good care of their homes, and their lawns, and their bodies.
there is an older gentleman that chris and i have noticed before, running on the main street near our house. he must be in his 60s or so. he runs up and down the street, without a shirt on, even when it’s 100 degrees out. one day we saw him on our street, and realized he lives in our neighborhood.
the other day i was driving onto our street and i saw a guy taking care of his lawn. it was 100 degrees out. he was wearing jeans. crazy. and no shirt. crazier! you’d think i lived in that town on desperate housewives…
anyhoo, our street is the street of shirtless guys. chris decided to mow the lawn yesterday, but decided he would make it an opportunity to exercise by running up and down our street and then mowing the front and back lawns and then running up and down our street again. it was 110 degrees yesterday.
 i told him he should do it shirtless, to match all the other guys on our street.
so he did:

i love my hubby. cause he is fit. he is crazy. and he will do just about anything to give someone else a good laugh. and i had one yesterday, and i hope you had one today.



keeping up with the joneses


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