June 16, 2008

Lily got the cutest little baby doll for her birthday. It’s an asian baby girl. Squinty eyes and all. No wait, to be politically correct- almond shaped eyes and all, as my mother-in-law would tactfully put it. Or football-shaped and all, as a Korean girl I tutored last year would say. Anyway, we thought we lost her, but she was over at Grandpa Wes’ house. So Lily and Jun-Lee were reunited after about two weeks apart, and boy was it a heartfelt reunion. Lily hugged it, kissed it at our prompting (kissing for Lily means opening her mouth and pressing her face on whoever, or whatever she is ‘kissing’. Baby kisses are probably the best things in the world. Next to chocolate Haagan Daaz ice cream.) and she just carried Jun-Lee over her shoulder for a while, the way I carry Topher.

Lily is actually the sweetest little mama and it’s so funny what she picks up from me. Funny and scary. Sometimes I ‘spot clean’ the floor with baby wipes. Lily pulls out a bunch of wipes when she can get a hold of the package, and just as I am about to get angry cause she has pulled ut about ten of them, she starts wiping the floor too. So funny. She has seen me wash the dishes numerous times, I am waiting for the day that she can start doing that… But anyway, it definitely makes me think twice before doing stuff that I don’t want Lily to do, cause she is definitely in the ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ stage.

I don’t know if I mentioned this in another posting, but once Topher was crying while in the basket part of the shopping cart (while in his car seat), and Lily took the handle of the car seat and started rocking it. And when he cries she stops whatever she is doing to go find him and to check if he is ok. The other day Sungu was crying and she went over to him to give him a hug, just the way we hug her when she is crying. Then she tried to pick him up, which was ridiculous cause Sungu weighs a bit more than she does. But she tried none the less. She has been trying to pick Topher up too, but has been unsuccessful in that endeavor as well. But I am being much more vigilant about strapping him into his swing than I was before (I know you are supposed to strap them in every time. Get off my back. The kid can’t do anything yet!)

Anyway, it is nice to see Lily treating her baby so well if she is imitating me, cause maybe that means I am doing a pretty good job at being nice to my babies as well.

Ps. ‘Jun-Lee’ is a name that Chris came up with for the doll. I just flat out called the little asian thing ‘China’, but Chris’ stereotypical name won out in the long run.



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