it’s like a vacation…

September 5, 2009

i am starting to treat my time here at the wes and kim watson residence like a vacation. cause it kinda is. but when you have kids, and they go anywhere with you- it’s not a complete vacation. there’s always so much more laundry with them, sippy cups that i need to wash by hand, food scraps that need to be picked up/scraped off the floor. but being here at wes and kim’s makes me feel like i am not at home in a good way. they keep telling me to ‘make myself at home’ and i have in lots of ways- i raid their pantry every other hour to grab a handful of peanut m&ms (note to self: buy a new bag of peanut m&ms before i leave); i have a pile of ‘crap’ on their kitchen table that includes my devotional materials, crayons, and colouring pages. they don’t have piles of ‘crap’ laying around anymore, so my creating my own shows you how comfortable i feel here; i have overtaken their tivo to record backyardigans, mickey mouse clubhouse, ni hao kai lan, and of course- so you think you can dance!

this is actually my second time living in this house. i moved to arizona a month before chris and i got married in 2005. so i lived here while chris lived in our gilbert house. it was awesome then, especially since breanne and josh still ived at home, so i got to know my step-sister-in-law and step-brother-in-law better, and it’s awesome now. cause wes and kim really do everything they can to make us feel comfortable. but the reasons i feel like i am on vacation, and not at home are awesome too: i feel like i am at a resort! they have a pool here, so we have gone swimming almost every day. i used to think i could never go swimming with the two kids without another adult present. but the kids are pretty good about listening around the water, it’s like they know their lives depend on it; they have a workout room downstairs that i am going to take advantage of as soon as i finish blogging (because of all those blasted m&ms! and the ice cream, and the pop corn… oh what a wonderful pantry they have!!!) the workout room is perfect because the eliptical machine, treadmill, and stationary bike are all facing a ginormous tv. so great! and i just seem to have a lot more free time while the kids are napping and sleeping (as you can tell from my blogging three days in a row! and being able to work out!) i perform my chores way faster here for some reason…

anyway, most of the stress from moving and being in a new place have subsided. i am in limbo here because there is nothing to pack, and nothing i can really unpack. which is very nice. tomorrow we show the house to another family who is interested in renting it. so should that happen to pan out, i will probably be lounging in the pool with a cocktail in hand, in full-out stress-free vacation mode.



it’s like a vacation…


  1. Shannon says:

    How did the showing go? Is it cocktail time???

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