it’s all in the hair

November 28, 2012

as you all know, i am married to a stud of a man.
he has had the distinct pleasure of being able to look like a total homeless bum for the last four years, but then the tides at work changed and he was forced to shave.
he was sad. i was not:
look at the adorableness! this is the face i fell in love with 8 years ago.
but, this is also one of my fave look- a bit of facial hair. chris was still unhappy about being told what to do with his face by the fine people of the fine city he works for:
here’s chris looking like a crazy transient. how many woodland creatures can you spot in his beard?
the last time chris had a clean face was when topher was a baby and lily was a wee toddler. so when the kids woke up and were greeted by their clean shaven dad, they were both very surprised. topher said that chris looked like a little boy, and lily said that she thought chris looked very handsome.
mia also loved her dad’s unburly face. she was all about giving him kisses. so sweet.
then we had mia’s birthday party and it was a hairy mess.
well, not really. but it was funny.
my 4 year old nephew is growing out his hair. he looks so handsome! so ready for a lunch meeting at the drop of a dime 🙂
chris hasn’t seen gabe in awhile, and when he saw him running around in our backyard, chris had to ask who that was. not a shining moment for chris as an uncle i guess…
anyhoo, then gabe was playing basketball, and he made a basket so chris said: “great job gabe!” (way to come back uncle chris!) gabe said: “thanks uncle chris!” and looked in the direction of the voice that spoke out such wonderful words of encouragement.
and then gabe got really confused. he never took his eyes off of the man who was speaking to him, but gabe calmly asked his dad, who was sitting right by him: “hey dad, is uncle chris here?”
the boy was staring right at chris! classic moment.
anyway, after chris and gabe were reintroduced we took this picture of them:
stay tuned as we continue on this journey of chris’ hair. which for the record- he is back to not shaving and creating a nice home for the stray cats in our neighborhood…



it’s all in the hair


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