topher’s turn

February 4, 2012

in the above picture are two of my favoritest things in the whole wide world- lattes and my son topher. and the picture is taken at one of my favoritest places in arizona- liberty market. good times.

anyhoo, the last couple of weeks i have been struggling with topher’s prayer life. for someone who has memorized the Lord’s prayer, he doesn’t seem to fully understand what prayer is- talking to Jesus. so when it’s his turn to pray he either recites the Lord’s prayer or he says this: “thank you for my big bumble bee. amen.” his big bumble bee is a transformer. this has been going on for almost two months i think. and it’s so annoying. i want him to be more thankful for all the millions of blessings the Lord has bestowed upon him, and yet every other night all he can come up with is to thank God for a stinkin toy.

but tonight he really switched it up, and it was amazing:

“dear Jesus, thank you for my sister named Noona and Mia. thank you for my mom, named mom, and also Jihae sometimes. thank you for my dad named batman. and thank you for my bumble bee, amen!”

i couldn’t make that up if i tried! i love that little boy!

and in other wonderful bedtime news, topher is officially able to sleep without a PullUp! it took two years for him to get to this point, but i am so happy he is here. he has had an accident or two in the last few months, and every time he wakes up with pee in his underwear, he wakes me up and tells me his underwear are ‘spicy’. which is so funny cause if you’ve ever wet yourself, you know that wet underwear does actually feel a little bit spicy! my son- so astute.

even though chris is definitely the funniest person i know, topher is hot on his heels for that title. thank you Jesus for the great men in my life!



topher’s turn


  1. Christin says:

    This is such a cute post and Topher is so sweet. I am really impressed by the way you can stir your coffee into a perfect sideways heart! You are talented.

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