i love my realtor

February 24, 2011

i am a relationship hoarder.

i love me some people! and my cup runneth over with incredible relationships. i have an amazing family. then i married into an amazing family. i have a great handful of friends pre-arizona. then in the last 5 years i have made some disgustingly incredible friends here in the desert. i have a high school small group that i am falling in love with more and more after every wednesday night meeting. and to top it all off- i have the best realtor in the world!

if you are looking for a realtor- i know a few of em. my sister still has her realtor license. my sister-in-law just got her realtor license and already has her first house closing right now. and then there is diana. our realtor. (for the record, she has been our realtor since before any of my sisters had their licenses.)

anyhoo, diana is a special lady. she is actually a friend of chris’ mom’s. she sold chris his first house. then she sold us our second house. and she has been patience incarnate with this buying of our new house. 11 months! yowsers. i don’t know how many offers we put on houses. but it has to be in the 20s. she was always available to look at houses with us, sometimes with just me, sometimes with just chris, sometimes she even went and looked at houses without us. in fact, the house we are in the process of buying right now- she put an offer on it before chris and i even saw it! and we love it! way to know your clients!

in the last 11 months, she has hooked us up with using her timeshare so we could go to Cancun, she has looked at almost every foreclosed and short saled house in the east valley with us, she has allowed us to live in a rental home that she owns for the last 3 months, and to top it all off, today chris and i went to sign papers, and she came over to watch lily and topher. who does that?!?!? and not only did she come over to watch them- she brought them each a new toy. and she even brought one for hobey! even though i didn’t leave him with her! we told her to sit and watch a movie with the kids. and of course signing our documents took a while (we were gone for over 2 hours!) so diana watched the movie, then went on a walk with the kids, and then we found them playing in the backyard. i almost hired her to be lily and topher’s nanny.

so we are so excited to be FINALLY moving into our home sometime this week. it has been such an absurdly long process, but we are so thankful that through it we were able to get closer to, and experience the awesomeness of one of God’s finer creations- diana k. if you want me to refer you to her, i can. she might not lend out her timeshare to you. but then again, she might.



i love my realtor


  1. Praise the Lord! He knows what and who you need! Can't wait to see the pictures of you in your new home.

  2. Finally! So happy for you my friend. Yeah!!!

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