movie stars in the making

July 1, 2010

i just lost a ton of minutes of my life trying to upload videos to this post. in fact, it’s still uploading now. this better work or i am going to be UPSET. apparently my ‘settings’ were on the ‘new version’, which doesn’t include the ‘filmstrip icon’ needed to upload videos. some geek named ‘peter’ from the ‘internet’ helped me out with this. thanks ‘peter’!

it’s 9:42pm. chris was supposed to get off of work at 5pm today… i am wondering what is going to break down and need major repairs since chris has been pulling a lot of overtime this week. c’mon criminals! take a break! my kids want to hang out with their dad and i just want to eat a warm meal with my husband! is that too much to ask??!?

now it’s 1:17pm. two days after i started the beginning of this post. chris actually ended up coming home soon after i started complaining to the world about his fantastic job that he happens to love and that puts bread, rice, meat, and mangoes on the table. it’s been a really slow posting week. sorry. but mostly cause the kids and i have been really busy having a great time together. tey’ve both been in pretty great moods this week, which is great for me since i have spent a LOT of time with them. it is hotter than hades here in arizona so we have been doing more-than-usual hanging out at home. this means we are watching more movies (the kids just watched ‘The Lion King’ and LOVED it. they didn’t even notice that i skipped about 3 major scenes that had blood and fighting.) and making our own movies. or i guess you could call them videos. whatever.

i’ve been taking tons of videos of the kids since we got our FlipShare video camera in march, but i am a disgustingly lazy and not-techy bum, so it’s taken me this long to figure out how to upload the videos to my computer, and to post them to this blog. better late than never.

so here are my kids, singing two of their favorite songs. lily knows 75-90% of the words in “Jesus Loves Me”, depending on how distracted she is. in her video debut, she knows about 76% of the words, and gets caught in two ‘loops’. kinda like rousseau and her message on the island in LOST. topher is singing his favorite song/line: “Happy Birthday”. it’s really just one line of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, sung over and over again. the lines ‘Happy birthday dear whoever’ never comes up, so don’t hold your breath for it. at the end of the ‘song’, he ‘blows out the candles.’ usually, if you ‘blow out the candles’ with him, he gets upset and starts the song all over again. chris loves to ‘blow out the candles’ with topher and can get his son to sing the song for about five minutes straight. it’s amazing. i have not been able to capture it on film yet though.

anyway, i definitely feel like one of those ‘american idol moms’ who think their kids are the most talented and most beautiful things in the world. i used to laugh at those moms, until i realized there’s nothing wrong with being your kids’ biggest fans. would i be their biggest fan to the point of embarrassing them and myself on national tv? i’m not sure. we’ll have to see in 13 years when lily will be old enough to audtion… (don’t get me wrong folks, i am hoping and praying that show is not still on in 13 years. in fact, after this last season, i think they should pack it up and call it a day.)

hope you enjoy our home-movies as much as i do! stay cool arizonites



movie stars in the making


  1. Chad says:

    Your kids have a lot of talent…I am a talent scout and would love to get them in some of my movies. Hit me up later this week…1-800-ETALENT. I think you and I could have some potential "talent" together too girl…hit me back.

  2. Christin says:

    I have never been so excited for my next birthday. I expect a call from Toph!! Your kids are amazing.

  3. jwatson says:

    i don't know if anyone reads my comments, but if you see any by a guy who is hitting on me, it's chris trying to mess with me. and it always works. good one chris

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