i have a big big…

March 20, 2011

i have a big big girl and her name is lily.
today she turned 4. actually, in about 5 minutes she will officially turn 4. fortunately she is sleeping, so i will celebrate the minute of her birth in peace and quiet and solitude!

we had a pretty terrific day today. we went garage sale-ing (that was more for me than lily. but we need some patio furniture!) and i got some wicked-good stuff for dirt cheap. (though none of the stuff i got was actually patio furniture…)
then we went back home, picked up the dog, and went for a walk to the neighborhood playground which is a 2 minute walk from our house. oh how i love our house! then chris woke up (he worked late last night and is working late tonight too) and we really started our day.

lily opened her present from chris and i, and she loved it! we got her a ‘Jessie’ doll from toy story (which i got on ebay for $2!!!! but shipping was $10… but it’s normally $17 at the disney store, so i still saved some moola). we also got her some new underwear cause her 2T/3T undies are quite snug on my new four year old. quite snug. she loved her gifts so much. so much so that she wore all three undies at the same time. on top of one another. special girl.

then we went to this cute new cupcake cafe at gilbert and warner called ‘TopIt’. they have a bunch of lovely looking cupcakes, and some plain cupcakes that you can decorate yourself! cute idea. the kids chose the already-beautiful-cupcakes and forewent the option to make something beautiful themselves. will have to go back another time. maybe next week for topher’s birthday…

here’s lily enjoying her cupcake.

then we went to the mall to go on the train, then meet lily’s aunt Katie and uncle Joey for lunch. more crap was consumed, in the form of Mc Donalds, but more funtimes were had, in the form of eating Mc Donalds and hanging out with family. the rest of the day was much more low-key, especially since chris had to go to work. but lily kept saying how much she loves her birthday all day. mission accomplished.

my lily is so amazing and continues to grow more beautiful and wonderful everyday. she was so great about sharing her precious new Jessie doll with Topher, who was not doing the best job of letting his sister have the limelight today. in fact, she was getting so many phone calls from her friends (thanks cambry and colbie!) and family, that topher started getting pretty jealous. when GG (greatgrandma, chris’ grandma) called and spoke with Lily, topher insisted that he talk to GG as well. lily had just finished telling GG that she got a Jessie doll for her birthday. well, we brought topher’s Woody doll/figurine/pillowthing that he got for christmas into the car with us, so topher starts telling GG: “well, i have a big, BIG WOODY! i have a big, BIG WOODY!” oh, chris and i are such immature parents. we were dying of laughter. it was hilarious and inapproriate. why would Pixar pick that name?!?!?

anyway, back to my lils. she is all kinds of terrific, even though she is not sleeping that well lately, and still cries very dramatically (and loudly) over things that are not that important. or at least not important to me. but i love her just the same. the best part of her turning four today was that i was sitting in the backseat of the car with her, and she needed to have four kisses- four eye kisses, four lip kisses, four nose kisses, and four cheek kisses. when we are on a longer car ride i will ask for thirty eye kisses, thirty lip kisses, thirty nose kisses, and thirty cheek kisses. but for now- four is just perfect.

happy birthday lily. i have a big BIG LOVE for you in my heart.



i have a big big…


  1. Happy birthday, sweet Lily!!!! Hugs from Aunt Jenny! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Lily!! You have beautiful, beautiful children, Jihae, and I always like reading about how much you enjoy them!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lily! We can't wait to see you soon!!!!

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