“i do it!”

July 16, 2010

there are 3 little words that i kinda detest hearing right now, and they are “i do it!” and yes, they are alwaysalwaysalways followed by an exclamation point. or as lily calls it: “i” (at the beginning and the end!)

the kids are in a very funny, very annoying, but ultimately amusing independant phase. they think they are old and big. case in point- topher likes to pretend that he is going to work sometimes. just like his dad. (and mom, once a week.) the other day ago, he was strutting around the apartment, getting ready to go, putting on his shoes, and then he shouted out to me: “where’s my coffee????” i thought chris put him up to it, but alas, the lad came up with that himself. lil’ punk.

anyway, i guess this phase is good cause the kids want to do stuff themselves, which means i will sooner than later not have to do those things for them. but the things they get real worked up about doing are things they truly cannot do without my help! which is where the annoyance factor comes in.

today it was 117 degrees, according to my car’s thermometer. that’s 47 degrees celsius, dear metric readers. the kids and i went over to our friend’s house for dinner, but i thought i would run to the store and pick up a nice dessert since we had missed my friend’s birthday. big mistake. the kisd each had to do their own car seat seat belts by themselves. twice. in 117 degree weather. if i help, without being asked, they freak out and need to start all over again. the car is running, i am ruining the environment, my feet are burning from the blazing hot concrete and the car being on. the whole thing is a disaster. i made the mistake of picking topher up out of his seat when we got home and he was NOT ok with that. “I DO IT!!!!” so he walked over to lily’s car seat, climbed into it, sat for a second, then hopped out, and climbed out of the car. oh.dear.Lord. give me patience!!!!!!!!!!
and please oh please oh please make arizona a lot less hot!



“i do it!”


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