how we’re rolling

May 16, 2010

thanks for all the love from my last post! you, my friends, are too funny and too nice. i have to re-iterate that my feelings were not in the least bit hurt by my mom’s perception of my appearance. if she had said something like: “your brother’s girlfriend is not funny. no sense of humour. kinda like you” that would have been a bullet to the gut! or if she made a remark about my being a bad mom, or wife, that too would have been hurtful. but my appearance? no biggie. i don’t pride myself on my looks. never have. never will.

lily on the other hand, probably will. and i don’t know exactly how i feel about this. i mean, it’s partially my fault since i tell her how stinkin cute and beautiful she looks everyday. cause she looks so stinkin cute and beautiful everyday! but the other day ago, when i asked her if she knew she was beautiful, she gave me a look that said: “of course i do. duh.” and she sersiously rolled her eyes at me! yowsers. so i am trying to temper giving my daughter all the self-confidence in the world that she needs to go out there and be a strong, successful, confident woman, but at the same time having humility and modesty as adjectives that describe her as well.

thursday we went to the library, and lily was playing with this table that had twirly wire-things with beads on them. you know what i’m talking about? you try to push the beads from one side to the other, all the while going through different twists and turns, ups and downs. i would call this ‘beads of life’ if i could, but i’m sure someone else has given it a far more clever name. anyhoo, she’s playing with these beads, and then she starts to shake her booty. she is straight up dancing in the library to no music, so i start laughing because she is so cute, and both my kids really have music playing in their souls 24/7. she looks over her shoulder to look me in the eye and she says: “oh yeah!” YOWSERS. humilty, modesty, humility, modesty, and purity! must work on these things…

with topher, we are still working on practical little things like obeying and paying attention. sometime this week, we had a movie morning. i turned on the veggie tale movie about Jonah, which the kids love. they love movies, they enjoy the veggie tales, and they really love having popcorn. i enjoy movie mornings because i can usually get all the laundry folded (usually 3 loads at a time) and mostly put away, all while the kids are not focused on me and the piles of clothes i am making. i had finished with the laundry, and the kids had finished their popcorn, but they were still watching the movie. i look over at my adorable, precious son, who is watching the movie commando-style, and i notice he is sitting on his popcorn bowl (one of the little ikea bowls that show up in many baby einstein dvds) and he starts to pee! there is a straight line of urine on the carpet in front of him. ugh. i looked at him with horror in my eyes. “topher! where is the potty????” he looked around. it was right beside him. (which i put it there on purpose! and i told him it was there a million times!) “right there!” he replied, delighted he was able to answer my difficult question with such ease and confidence. practical things- paying attention, obeying, paying attention, and obeying…

anyhoo, that’s how we are rolling these days in the watson household. oh. one last story about my mom. i told jeehon what my mom said about me in regards to my brother’s girlfriend. my sister obviously busted a gut, but said her comparison was worse. apparently my mom asked my brother if his girlfriend was snooty, the way smart people can be snooty and pompous, just because they’re smart, kinda like jeehon. HILARIOUS. my sister is VERY smart, but i don’t find her pompous about it. but i guess my mom does!
and for the record, my brother says his girlfriend is not pompous about her giant ph.d-getting brain.

oh, to tame the (OLD! yeah mom, i called you old! ha!) korean woman’s tongue… impossible!

come on people, that’s hilarious. no one is safe from a korean mother’s judgment. jeehon’s not sad about the remark. not even the least bit phased. but if you would like to post up-lifting comments for her, i will be sure to pass them along 🙂

one last thing, my mom does not read my blog. but she knows she’s old. she’s 63. that ain’t young. (but she looks amazing for 62, and i tell her that!)  i don’t feel bad about calling my beautiful mother an old korean woman, cause that’s what she is. all this name calling and labeling, it’s a vicious cycle, i know. and it is one that i will try to keep my beautiful daughter and creative son out of.



how we’re rolling


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