how to not take pics

April 14, 2012

my friend erin, a ridiculously talented photographer, just did a few blog posts on how to take great pics of your kids. i read those posts and did not successfully achieve any great photos this easter. it’s not her. it’s all me. and partially the subject matter- crazy kids on crack (aka jelly beans):

a sad attempt to get a pic of the three babes:

it’s hard having such a giant-young baby that cannot really be held by the 5 year old. dad is always at the ready to catch the baby and photobomb:

a great picture of my beautiful son, with lots and lots of ketchup on his shirt:

no one looking at the camera. except for gabe, who is being blinded in the process:

crying baby. always a classic pic:

kids running. the crack is really coursing through their veins now:

we had a great easter, better than mia would have you believe. we are so blessed to have family close by, but even more importantly- to have family that is excited to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour.



how to not take pics


  1. erindezago says:

    Jihae! You are a.w.e.s.o.m.e! 🙂 And I love all of these pics! And actually, I was going to tell you that the 3 you posted in the post after this one turned out really great! Love you!

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