hot water

March 11, 2011

so i wrote this gigantically long blog yesterday and it got deleted by the evil internet. dang you internet! or maybe it’s just this computer. or maybe it’s my brain that is working at 24% (and that’s being generous).

needless to say, i had a pretty crappy day yesterday. i am a little bit having a crappy day today too. and it’s all from a lack of hot water. do you know we’ve been living without hot water since sunday-ish???? and the southwest gas guy came today and we missed him so he isn’t coming back til monday?!?!? omg people. that’s over a week without hot water. and i know- i shouldn’t complain. at least the water i have is CLEAN. but the question is- am i clean?!? and the answer is: yes. thanks to my gym membership. and i plan on using my gym’s showers until monday. my kids on the other hand have been taking small baths. small=3 pots of boiling hot water (that i boiled on the stove) with some cold water that is pouring out of our faucets. they don’t mind cause they don’t know any better. which is so great. i love my ignorant kids.

so we moved in on saturday and it was special. we had tons of help from our friends and family. it was a village-sized effort. some people lifted heavy boxes. some people watched kids so that heavy boxes could be lifted, unpacked, etc. thank you so much village workers. what would we watsons do without you!?!?!? just to name some names- thanks jeff, marybeth, drew, christin, mike, cindy, robert, lindsay, greg, shannon, and eric. you guys are awesomeness personified. there was a moment in the afternoon, in the middle of our chaotic living room, that chris and i were standing around with wes and kim, and barb and jerry, who had arrived around the same time, and we were just talking about how much we all love our landscaper– who we all use. i am so thankful that chris’ parents all get along, and that they were all instrumental in us getting this house- cause they let us live with them for months on end. thanks so much wes, kim, barb and jerry. for so so so so much.
and grandma and grandpa watson who prayed so diligently for us these last many months! and to you too readers- for joining us in the craziness that has been our nomadic journey. it was funny to open boxes that i packed in 2009 (pre-apartment)
and haven’t opened until now. you can tell i was really dying without the items in said boxes…

anyway, during all the insanity of our moving in and unpacking and making our house a home, i haven’t really taken any pictures. sorry. but i will soon enough. and i need to post pictures of our new family member, Pug, a stray dog who is now part of the watson clan. all this will happen soon enough. probably sooner than my hot water gets turned on…



  1. Christin says:

    No. Hot. Water. Seriously? I don't know how you do it woman.

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