hoop dreams

April 18, 2010

i had a dream at the beginning of this basketball season. none of them involved the phoenix suns, all of them involved me being the champion of our fantasy basketball league. in previous years i was part of two fantasy leagues. this year i decided not to be part of any. but the numbers were uneven for our family league, so i decided to join after all.

and i got the first round draft pick! that was a serious first for me, having been part of 6 drafts before this one. everything was great. my name was ‘itsjihaesyear’. and it looked like it was going to be! i was in first place throughout the whole season. i was opening a can of whoop..butt on every watson-related man in the league week in and week out! it was great! (note:i actually never beat robert watson. let that be noted.) and all i was doing was updating my lineup and not making any changes. lebron james, shawn marion, jason richardson were doing all the work for me.

chris on the other hand had no interest in either of the two leagues he was a part of. he barely updated his lineups and he just barely made it into the playoffs. YET SOMEHOW i lost my second round game, and then my third, so i finished in FOURTH and chris finished in first. BOOOO…

then march madness came and went with much angst and pent up anger. there is no method to the madness of the ncaa march madness tournament. yet somehow chris managed to make the most correct picks (44 of 63) and i came in second-to-last with 32 of 63 correct picks. BOOOOOOOOOOOO…

but now my hoop dreams lay with the phoenix suns. the team i thought had NO SHOT of getting into the playoffs this year, especially considering the fact that i did not know a good number of the names that were on MY TEAM’S roster. but over the last few months, and especially over the last few weeks, names like frye, dudley, lopez and goran dragic (does that name make you think of puff the magic dragon too? or is it just me…)our team looks AMAZING right now and i am very very excited to see us dominate the trailblazers, beginning tomorrow night! go suns go! it might be presumptuous of me, but i am going on the record to state that i really think this could be the phoenix suns’ year to win it ALL.



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