he’s a happy father

June 22, 2012

a bit on the late side, but i just wanted to write a quick post about my children’s father- chris watson.
this year marked his fifth father’s day. we started the day out with his favorite breakfast- blintzes, with lindsay and her kids, jerry, and our niece christina. robert and barb didn’t join us cause they are too cool for us. and they also happened to be in honduras building a school or something ridiculous like that. typical barb and robert.
anyhoo, after our feast, we went to church, then had a quick lunch, and then went to chris’ dad’s. we swam, watched a lot of sports, and ate an obsurd amount of food. it was wonderful!
the whole day was so wonderful that i managed to not take a single picture of all the fun-having… terrible, i know. fortunately chris doesn’t care about pics and girly stuff like that. the only girly ‘things’ he cares about are named mia, lily, and jihae. ok, i guess there are a few more than that. but they are his top three!
and let’s not forget his little mini-me, aka topher. chris ordered all the star wars movies, and they finally came this week. topher LOVES them. he watched episodes 4,5, and 6 in one day. i know my pediatrician, and all the members of the pediatric association would be having a giant cow about that right now, but fortunately i don’t think any of them follow my blog. and it was a special occassion! and it’s a furnace outside, so we couldn’t go outside even if we wanted to…
 chris loves catching bad guys, and bringing home the bacon to provide for his family. but he really really loves catching up with his kids after a long day at work, and being home to eat (turkey!) bacon when the occassion calls for it.
the message we heard at church talked about being a kind and compassionate dad. chris is the kind and compassionate one in the house, and i am glad i heard that message as a reminder to ME to be kinder and more compassionate to our kids! 
and i wanted to throw out a Happy Father’s Day to my God, who loves me and hasn’t struck me down with lightning as my sins deserve. everyday should be Father’s day, especially for the One who created the heavens, and the earth, and me, and my kids, and their phenomenal father.
thank you God, for all your blessings. Happy father’s day to You!
“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed. he remembers that we are dust.”
-psalm 103:13-14
happy father’s day to you chris. i am glad that God allowed us dust balls to find one another in korea many moons ago, so that we could parent three of the cutest and craziest dustballs together.
love you stud.
above: watching star wars
below: watching mia



he’s a happy father


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