he’s a dichotomy. and so is his cake

August 29, 2012

in my last post i talked about topher’s cousin(i forget already! 2nd cousin…?…) cooper.
cooper is a funny fellow. he loves himself some marvel superheros, power rangers, star wars guys, lego anything, and zombies. he likes dressing up and shooting fake guns and doing boy stuff. he is a boy’s boy. (equivalent to a man’s man.)
but dear cooper also LOVES himself some stuffed animals. he loves his stuffed penguin, ‘happy’, who has his own little personality according to cooper. his mom, elisa, also told me that on a recent visit to barnes and noble, he found a little gray and baby blue panda bear, and walked all around the store with him, and read books with him. when it was time to leave, cooper put the bear back on the shelf, gave it a kiss, and wept with tears of true sorrow to be parting with his new found friend. at the sight of this, cooper’s older brother kiefer just looked at his mom and exclaimed: “can’t we just buy it for him!?!?!?” what a nice brother. they bought it for his birthday a few days later 🙂
anyhoo, when elisa asked cooper what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, cooper was torn. cute dog cake? (new obsession: biscuit. the cute little dog. you know what i’m talking about… right?) but he also kinda wanted a zombie cake.
so we did both. cute dogs and zombies.
elisa wanted to see how the whole ‘fondant’ thing worked out, so i brought some store bought stuff (easiest to work with) over to her house and we started making stuff for cooper’s cake. elisa made the yellow fire hydrant that is pictured below. pretty great! elisa also baked the most incredible looking cake (and delicious too!)- it was dense and had no dome to cut off or anything! perfectly level. incredible!i was very thankful that elisa wanted to bake the cake for her son. that’s just not really my thing, and it was one less thing to do!
so, here’s cooper’s cake. he enjoyed it. so it was all worth it. all the zombies have exposed brain, per cooper’s request. (except the worm! i forgot to give the zombie worm a brain!) there were other limbs coming out of the cake on the sides and stuff, but i didn’t get pictures of that. oh well. my favorite part of the cake was where the icing wouldn’t stick, so i made a zombie face coming out of it. it made the accident look intentional- major score!


he’s a dichotomy. and so is his cake


  1. Christin says:

    So stinkin cute!! Of course my fav was the tree with the birds. Love it!

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