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January 20, 2017


I am so very happy that you are here on the blog!

My name is Jihae, which rhymes with “Good Day!”


I think not.

To get a little look into a slightly staged, much cleaner version of our lives, check out this little video that our church, Sun Valley Community Church, posted of us:

We're so grateful to Jihae and Chris for sharing their foster care story!If you have questions about foster care, join us for a special orientation this weekend (Sept 24). Sun Valley, in partnership with Arizona 1.27, presents this 3 part event series at different times and locations to help you find one that works for your family schedule. Check out all the details online at: http://foster.sv.cc/

Posted by Sun Valley Community Church on Sunday, September 24, 2017

One of the many reasons I am doing a podcast – cause I hate seeing myself on screen!

Please note my kitchen is never that clean, nor does our family sit around the homework table smiling and laughing that much.

But the ice cream bit? We eat ice cream almost every day. Cause why the heck not?

But the real reason I am doing a podcast is because I have met so many incredible people through our foster care journey, and I want you to meet them too! No two stories are alike, just as no two cases in the system are alike, and just as no two kids are alike (even if they are twins. And I know, because I have twin brothers.)

I hope you enjoy hearing these voices, even though the one you will hear the most will be mine. #sorrynotsorry .

Thanks for being here friends!



Welcome to the Fostering Voices Blog!


  1. CJW says:

    You are literally the most lovely person I know.

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