Happy Birthday Mr. Gu

June 23, 2009

Here’s a shout out to my favorite little nephew who lives with me!

Today Sungu turned two and my goodness how he has grown! Sungu and his mama moved in with us a little bit before he turned one. Back then he was just a chubby little guy who could not walk, use a spoon, or talk. Now he not only walks and talks, but he dances, and sings! He can point out different letters while reading with his mom, can count in English and Korean (though he has something against the number 1 in both languages. He just says 2 twice. Which is a special kind of genius.)

Sungu is a sweet lover of man and animals, unlike his parents who are not fond of animals, especially not ours. When we went to the zoo a few months ago, he loved posing with all the animal statues! It was so cute. And not just posing with them, but fully hugging them like they were long lost friends being reunited after years of seperation. And when it comes to hugging people, it’s always a hug and a kiss, no matter if you are man, woman, boy or girl. He loves to give kisses. Sometimes they are dramatic- as he puts his chubby little hand (if you haven’t noticed Sungu’s hands before, they are the cutest things ever. He still has an indentation between his hand and arm, where ‘normal’ people have a wrist) behind your head and plants one on you, and sometimes they are just sweet little fish-face pecks, but they are always full of good love.

Sungu has moved around more in his two years of life, than many people have moved as full grown adults! He started his life in a very nice apartment in Seoul, then he moved to a very small apartment in Seoul for a few weeks before moving to Missouri. Then he moved to Gilbert, and now lives in Mesa. He has had many airplane rides and visits to L.A and Toronto (what a jetsetter!) And now he is getting ready to go back to Missouri for a 10-day stay (where he will see his dad!), and then he will come back here and prepare to move to Sierra Vista (though I am pretty sure he is unaware that he is getting ready for all these things!) For all the changes he has endured in such a short time, Sungu is a very well-adjusted little man. (And that’s thanks to his mama who is always The Constant in his life. According to ‘LOST’ we all need a Constant or else we will surely die!)

We are really thankful for the time we have been able to spend with Sungu these last few months. Especially because it has been amazing to watch him, and Lily, and Topher grow up together. Some cousins have the opportunity to grow up with each other, by living down the street from one another, or at least in the same city. We have no idea where Sungu will end up after February, but are so glad for the time that he has been living down the hall.

Happy birthday Sungu. We love you, and your chubby mitts, and even chubbier heart.



Happy Birthday Mr. Gu


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