happy birthday grandma

September 18, 2010

i suck at mailing stuff. i want to be good at it. but i just suck. i meant to send something to my niece for her first birthday (which is tomorrow). since i haven’t even bought anything yet, you can only imagine how belated her gift will be once it finally gets to alabama. why did you move zoe?!?!?!? now i really look like a bad aunt.

but i’m going to blame my negligence on the fact that we are moving out of this apartment tomorrow and sunday. i am presently sitting on our temporary ‘couch’, which is really an air mattress with an additional blow-up part that makes the back prop up like a seat. ghetto. and fabulous. the only thing chris registered for on our bridal registry. and of course he got it from a groomsman. thanks perrys. we use this thing every time we move. which means we use it VERY OFTEN!

anyway, this is a little ode to my beautiful grandmama, who just turned a year older, (and wiser!) on thursday. i am not exactly sure of her exact age, but just know that she can be found on facebook where she keeps up with the many many watsons and her other 100+ friends.

i think i mentioned before that i haven’t had a grandmother since i was in the third grade. so having gradma watson after not having had one for about 16 years really made up for lost time!

there’s a popular shirt that little kids wear that says: “what happens at grandma’s stays at grandma’s.” not true with grandma watson. cause what happens at, or with grandma, is growth, and you can’t just keep that bottled in. grandma is a wise, disciplined, and loving woman. watching how she loves her husband, hearing how she raised her boys (4 outstanding men!), seeing her face light up when she is hanging out with her greatgrandkids, watching her dote on her sister who has terminal cancer without ceasing even though she herself is a little bit pooped out! it’s amazing! this woman is amazing. and i am beyond blessed to have her as a grandma and close friend. she encourages me to do better at all things- being a mom, a wife, a child of God, follower of Jesus. not just through her words (though she always has great words of encouragement, which is good for me since i am a words of affirmation kind of girl.) but definitely through her example.

grandma! i am so sorry i didn’t send you a card in the mail. but just know that i love you so very very much, and you are an inspiration! happy belated birthday.



happy birthday grandma


  1. GRAMMA says:

    My dear dear Jihae,
    What a wonderful surprise to fine your sweet tribute to this 79 year old Babe who feels so blessed to have such a quiver full of wonderful kids, grandkids and now great grandkids. God is so good!!! Thanks for all the kind words. Will try to live up to them. Praying for a great bonding time for you and the folks while you wait for that perfect home to come through. Love you soooo much… Gramma

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