Happy Birthday Gabriel

February 9, 2010

dear gabriel,
my sweet little nephew. do you know how special you are? sure, your family loves you. you’re hilarious! you’re tons of fun to be around! everything makes you laugh, and that makes everyone else laugh. you are ridiculously smart- you can remember EVERYONE’S name! a gift i haven’t seen since the likes of a young jenna gagnon. you love thomas the train right now, hence the birthday cupcakes i got to decorate for you (thanks! i loved doing it!), which is a step up from dj the dinosaur.
but gabe, do you know how special you are- to Jesus? did you know that when your mama was pregnant with you, we thought we might have lost you? do you know how many people petitioned for your life that weekend? do you know that God answers prayers? i hope you know that because you are a HUGE answer to prayer!
gabe, today you are two, which i cannot even believe! you are a joy to everyone around you, but most importantly you are a joy to our Lord, and that is why you are here. cause He really wants you to be who you are, where you are.
gabe, you are a pastor’s son. and that kinda sucks- cause people are watching you. but that just means you have an incredible opportunity to show everyone around you how special you are, and how special Jesus is.
gabers, my wonderful nephew, i wish you a very happy birthday and i pray for you and your future, cause it is bound to be a bright one.
i love you.
aunt jihae


Happy Birthday Gabriel


  1. Lindsay says:

    you are amazing! that was super sweet!!!

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