happy 2 months!

January 11, 2012

today is mia’s two month birthday and i remembered!!!!

i had every good intention of making a big deal about mia’s one month birthday last month- but i honestly forgot when december 10th roled around. blame it on lack of sleep, lack of brain cells, or both. but you cannot blam it on a lack of love cause i am overflowing with that!

mia continues to be a sweet, chubby, happy baby. she had her doctor’s appointment yesterday and is weighing in at 11 lbs 3 oz (60%ile), measuring 23 in (72%ile), and her head circumference is a mere 15.25 in (50%ile)!!!! craziness. she is wearing most of her weight in her cheeks, but not in the rest of her head, like brother topher did.

here’s a sweet little video of our girl, hanging out with her dad. mia really loves to smile at everyone she sees, but she gets supertalkative and happy whenever her dad is around:

happy two month birthday my sweet little baby!



happy 2 months!


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