Hams, Malloys, and Watsons invade LA!

September 24, 2012

did i tell you that my parents are awesome and crazy? they are in their mid-late sixties, and they are adorable. but also crazy. they decided to drive from toronto, ontario to monterey, california. that’s a 3,659 mile trek if you draw a straight line from point a to point b. crazy! they left super-early friday morning, and somehow made it to jeehon’s house by monday night. many many many prayers were said as they journeyed along.
so my parents hung out in monterey til saturday, and then the hams and malloys caravaned to los angeles, a mere 6 hour trip (in the grand scheme of their traveling!) while we watsons did the same thing.
we arrived in koreatown in LA and had a korean meat buffet. it was awesome. i don’t know if you are aware of the awesomeness of the korean food in LA- but it is nothing to joke about. there is a korean mall in koreatown that has a food court with only korean food to choose from. SO AWESOME!!!! mia has never seen that many korean people before in her life.
our family vacation was comprised of lots of food eating, lots of catching up (i haven’t seen my parents in 9 months and my sister in over a year!), lots of coffee drinking, lots of kids running around, and lots of picture taking. here are a few of them:
lily and topher LOVE their imo and booboo! this should be a christmas card or something…:
my sister and i and all our minions. the age gap between lily and mia is about the same as the age gap between my sister and my youngest brother, with the same number of kids in between. remember i said my mom was crazy?? it’s cause she is superwoman:
i just love this picture of my sister and lily:
can you even believe that it was just last summer than sunha had surgery on her head? you can’t even tell at all! she is all healed up and full of sass and magical 2 year old wonderment.
how much have i missed this precious precious face!?!?!?!?:
chris + my mom = bffs 🙂

the three girls rocking matching t-shirts. a terrible pic, but a strong effort nonetheless:

my dad with mia. he’s never happier than when he is with his grandkids.
quick story about my dad and sungu when they were hanging out in monterey-
my dad walked sungu to and from school everyday that my dad was there. it was his favorite thing to do. one morning sungu asked my dad if he had $5. my dad did not and asked sungu what he needed money for. sungu told him that they were having a book fair at school and that he wanted to buy some books. that broke my dad’s heart- his grandson just wanted some books! this was music to my dad’s ears. he dropped sungu off and rushed back home. he asked jeehon about the book fair, which she had forgotten about. my dad grabbed his wallet and went back to the school. each student was allowed to make out a wish list. my dad looked at sungu’s and bought him every single thing on it. he spent like $40. (so funny- i bet sungu thought that $5 could buy everything on his list) so cute! i know that made sungu’s day, but i don’t know if sungu realized that that made my dad’s day too 🙂
next post- LEGOLAND!!!!!



Hams, Malloys, and Watsons invade LA!


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