Ham Time!

September 10, 2013

time for some Asian love!
oh creepy. I bet if you googled that a lot of inappropriate things would show up…
anyhoo, I got some pics from my brother’s wedding, and I feel like my family doesn’t make it onto the blog very much cause I don’t live near them.
so here we go:
the original SEVEN of us hams-
(left to right)
Edwin, me, my dad, Alex (the groom), my mama, Jeehon, and Edward
and then seven turned into FIFTEEN
 (sixteen if you add my aunt who flew in from Korea!)
James, Jeehon, my dad, my mom, my aunt, Edward, Edwin, me, Chris, Mia
Sungu, Amber, Alex, Sunha, Lily, Topher

(looking at this picture makes me realize just how short the Hams are and how obscenely tall James and Chris are. And all us women are wearing serious high heels!)

another family pic

my three bros

flower girls!
ring bearers!

I love this pic of Sunha 🙂

my brother and amber danced to Lauren Hill “You’re Just too Good to Be True”
and they actually had some choreographed moves. it was the cutest!!!!

Topher was not as confident as his uncle on the dance floor-
my poor brother is so Asian! look how red his face is! embarrassed? no. beer? yes.

Mis is amazed at something up on the ceiling

lovely lovely lovely wedding. more fun could not have been had. a better woman could not have joined our family.
 love you alex and amber!



  1. Steph says:

    one of my favourite posts! i heart the hams!

  2. Steph says:

    one of my favourite posts! i heart the hams!

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