halloween 2012. yeah i know it’s december

December 12, 2012

somehow i managed to totally miss out on a halloween post. and to be frank- topher’s favorite thing about this blog is to see all the halloween posts. so it would be wrong for me to not post about halloween, just cause it’s december.
so our halloweens all look more or less the same. we like to go see chris’ mom and dad at some point in the day and show off our costumes.
here are my ladies with chris’ dad. mia is a sexy ladybug (? i don’t know. i just threw her in lots of black, white, and red.) and lily was about to go to school but they weren’t doing costumes, so she is just wearing a halloween shirt and a tutu. she’s rocking the outfit nonetheless. chris’ dad didn’t have a lot of candy to dish out- but he’s an accountant= so he had cash 🙂 as in $0.15 or so. lily was a very happy trick or treater.
topher didn’t get to see his Papa Wes cause he was at school doing lots of fun halloween stuff.
this kid really really really loves halloween. look at the sincere joy on his face:
here’s a midafternoon pic of Mia. she is so embarrassed about the outfit i chose for her. i guess she does not approve of the sexy zebra look i subjected her to:
here we are at chris’ mom’s. she gave the kids some halloween cheetos and a chance to see her new bull dog puppy, and her chickens.
here is my sad attempt at getting a pic of my three kids in their costumes:
then the next day we went to a little post halloween party and Mia decided to wear the lady bug costume all morning. she is not a fan of stuff of her head- hats, bows, head bands, anything. but she kept this headpiece on for about an hour. i took an absurd amount of pics of her that morning, but i am only posting two for now:
and that was our awesome halloween of 2012. hope you enjoyed that topher! 😉



halloween 2012. yeah i know it’s december


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