growing too fast

April 20, 2012

– mia is 5 months and a half and she is getting so big! or maybe she has been so big… she loves eating her rice cereal and veggies, and not-sleeping through the night… she is wearing 9 month old clothes and flopping around like a beached whale. i think she wants to crawl, or be set free in the ocean. either way she is SO CUTE, it is sickening.
here’s a pic of mia wearing a pair of 6 month pjs today. had to get this pic cause lily has matching pjs. i had to take mia out of them which was akin to taking sausage out of its casing:

– lily has cavities. she got her first ones filled on monday and bit the heck out of her numb lip. sadness of my life. i prayed SO HARD for the babies when they were in the womb for the teeth that they would once have. i prayed that those teeth would be strong and healthy, unlike the teeth that chris and i were genetically passing on to them. but alas, my kids have weak and very crowded teeth. lily goes in for more fillings on may 8th. please pray that she remembers the pain and suffering from her actions this go around, and that she would learn from her mistakes and not commit them again. major life lesson!
here she is looking too old for my own good:

– topher is my awesome and special little man. he wants to grow up so fast- he keeps asking when he gets to be a dad. it’s precious, especially since i know he wants to be an awesome dad like the awesome dad he has. he went for a tour of his potential preschool for next year and is VERY excited about going there. he keeps asking if i can pack a cookie in his lunch, and then the next day he asks me if i’ve done it yet. what a nut.
here’s my handsome boy. love those baby brown eyes 😉

being a stay at home mom continues to be awesome and trying. mia is a bit needier now that she is 5 months old, and even though the older ones are becoming more independent- they still need lots of hugs and kisses and attention during the day as well. i may not have a lot of money, and i may have NO organizational skills, but i have lots of hugs and kisses to dish out.



growing too fast


  1. Jenny Bishop says:

    Oh my goodness! That first paragraph made me laugh so hard!!! "flopping around like a beached whale" and "be set free in the ocean." Hilarious!!! Bree would like to see her friend soon before she stops doing this cute flopping! 😉

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