great night

April 17, 2010

so the day started off gross. topher woke up at 3am again. he does like a sleep-walking-crying thing. i just pick him up, put him back in bed, and that’s usually the last i hear of him till 6am. so that’s what happened this morning. i was really tired of course, cause it’s 6 stinkin am. and chris and i stayed up past ELEVEN PM to watch LOST and Glee. (‘Maureen’ from ‘RENT’ is on Glee this season! pretty exciting stuff!)
anyhoo, i complained to chris this morning about my morning. it must have sounded beyond obnoxious. he looked annoyed. we all got over everything relatively quickly and the day proceeded.
we went and looked at a couple houses with our realtor and the kids. i only bust out the portable dvd player on long rides, and today was a long ride through gilbert and chandler for the kids! saw some promising homes and a couple gross ones. which is to be expected.
we ate lunch at about 2:30, and dinner was ready at about 6:10pm. i was pretty sure the kids weren’t going to eat very much for dinner since they did such a great job with the rice i made them for lunch. so i was going to just make them some oatmeal, cause it’s filling, and they never fight me on oatmeal. and chris and i were eating meatloaf and potatoes, and i was pretty sure lily wouldn’t eat any of it. and then shocker of all shockers- she ate her meatloaf (doused in ketchup, even though there is already ketchup IN the meatloaf! go antioxidants…) AND two celery sticks!!!!! i have no idea what has happened to my no-meat-no-vegetables-unless-it’s-cut-up-so-you-can-only-see-it-on-a-molecular-level daughter- but i’ve never been so happy at meal time as i was today! way to go lily! you make mama happy and proud!
then i had the genius idea of putting our kids to bed BY 7:30pm, instead of sometime around 8 (usually a little after). this proved to be the best thing since sliced bread! lily was down for the count by 7:40, and topher followed suit soon after.
chris left for work at 8pm, and my girlfriend grace came over for ice cream and chit chat a little before then. right now it’s 10:13 and i am pretty dang ready to call it a day! 8 hours of broken sleep- here i come!!! 🙂



  1. Jenny Bishop says:

    Congrats on the great day!! PS…Thanks again for the icecream! Always love hanging out with you and the kiddos! 🙂

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