just a few great moments

April 18, 2010

a few days ago, we went family grocery shopping. so great. chris got home a bit early from work, our pantry was bare, it was the perfect scenario. on our way to albertsons, (i am playing the monopoly game. what a sneaky way to get people to shop at your store. laugh now, but if i win a new car, or a $5 giftcard to albertsons, we will see who gets the last laugh…) lily told us to look at her and topher who were holding hands. so cute. which i expressed: “you guys are so cute!” to which lily replied: “take a picture!” so i obediently grabbed my camera phone, and while i was doing that topher chimed in with a perfectly timed: “cheese!” this made going ‘shopping’ worthwhile for chris.

i am always telling lily: “please be careful.” because she is crazy. and not very careful. so when she is doing something ‘dangerous’, she says to me: “mom, i have to please be careful.” it’s pretty funny.

the other day ago (ok. it’s probably been a week or two ago) i told chris i was sorry that i had been slacking in the kitchen. i have not had much of an appetite for anything i cook, which deters me from cooking. the only thing that makes me cook actually, is dave ramsey. (the financial guy that ruined my life/saved our financial life) but i had been working more and so i apologized to chris after we had eaten out. again. and chris looked at me with those beautiful baby blues and said: “honey, since i have been hanging out with the kids every monday, and friday mornings, i would understand if you never cooked again. i don’t know how you do it.” and those were some of the best words he has ever spoken to me! he understands me! he appreciates me! so great.
i was walking by lily’s room after we had already tucked her in and said good night. she didn’t see me, but when i looked into her room, she was standing right by her night light, having the best time making shadow figures with her hand and arm! i didn’t know she knew the magic of a wall, a light, and shadows! so precious! i love those serendipitous moments.

also tonight, topher was in his bed for what seemed like an eternity, when all of a sudden he emerged from his room. he came into the living room and was SO HAPPY to see chris sitting on the couch. “DADDY!!!!” he said with the biggest smile on his face, and his arms open wide for a hug. only he was met with a very stern chris who managed to not melt at the sight of his son. topher immediately burst into sadsadsad tears as chris ushered him back to his bed. it was a sad moment and a funny moment. i was in the kitchen watching/hearing all this unfold. i was very proud of chris for holding his ground cause topher is not supposed to get out of his bed.

here’s a picture of topher and his daddy. i do not exist when this man is around. i often remind my son that he would not exist if i weren’t around!

and here is a pic of topher sleeping at my feet while i was on the computer a few days ago. he woke up from his nap, came into my room, was so happy to find another human being, and promptly fell asleep on the floor for an extra half hour! i love these crazy crazy crazy kids!                                                                            



just a few great moments


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