Great Dates Part III

May 29, 2009

Today we went on an incredible date with Uncle Charles, and Aunt Grace (Korean friends of ours) to the Phoenix Children’s Museum- and it was so great!

It’s kinda pricey to get in ($9 for anyone over 1! Yowsers!) but if you can get a Culture Pass from the Library, then it’s free! Grace did the hard work of waiting in front of several libraries this week to try to get two (good for 4 people), but she could only get one. Still, that saved us a lot of money!

Once we got in there though, I could see why everyone over the age of 1 has to pay- it’s so fun! There were tons of things for everyone to, even Topher, who still insists on crawling to get from point A to point B. We went to the Arts and Crafts room where we used glue and glitter to make fun pictures. We hung out in the front room and watched scarves zipping through tubes filled with compressed air or something. There was a huge area with a bunch of foam pool noodles hanging from the ceiling. And our favorite was the ‘playhouse’ where the kids hung out in the kitchen, planted flowers, etc.

It was a fun and exhausting time for all. We are especially thankful for Grace and Charles for coming all the way to Phoenix with us, cause it really is a place where the kids need to be 1-on-1 with an adult for maximum safety, and learning potential. And if that’s not the recipe for a great date, I don’t know what is ; )



Great Dates Part III


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