Great Dates Part II

May 24, 2009

This date is a lot less romantic, but it did end with a big smooch…

We were FINALLY able to connect with our lovely friends, The Brantons, and have a play date! I haven’t hung out with Amy and her kids Bella and the infamous Zach, since Zach’s birthday party in February. Yes, more than two months ago. So lame! How can we all possibly be that busy?!?!

So our date was at Amy’s beautiful and SUPERCLEAN home. The kids played in Bella’s newly redone room. So cute and perfect. There was a music concert, lots of stroller pushing, some cooking in the kitchen, and much mess making in general. It was great. Jeehon, Amy and I were even able to converse like real adults! I am finding my kids are letting me do this on a more regular basis, which is great. Thanks babies, you are the best.

We had one of the best homemade lunches I have had in a LONG time! Amy made roast beef sandwiches complete with au jus dipping! AMAZING. Better than Arby’s folks. No joke.

Amy and I haven’t even been friends for all that long, but there is something to be said for having friends that are superlow maintenance in such a hectic time of life. There is no ‘drama for yo mama’ when we get together, no guilt in the fact that it’s been two months since we’ve seen each other, it’s all pleasant wonderment! And I have to say that I am SO disgustingly blessed because God has actually given me a very large and generous handful of beautiful and amazing girlfriends and family that I just love love love to hang out with and talk to on the phone (that would be my long distance girls. I am otherwise not a ‘phone person’.) I just love you all!
Chris and I keep praying that Lily and Topher will be so lucky as to meet the same kind of amazing people we have, and to develop amazing friendships with them. Here are some pics of baby friendships budding!

Oh yeah, and the kiss at the end of the playdate was between Bella and Topher! Topher is not even all that responsive to me when I ask him for a ‘bbo-bbo’ (kiss in korean), but he puckered right up when he saw a pretty girl coming his way for an innocent hug. Like father like son…



Great Dates Part II


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