the grass is always greener…

March 30, 2010

or it should be. my grass did not turn out very green at all. and i actually forgot to ice four extra cupcakes to make my ‘field’ bigger, so i didn’t even use the scoreboard or bench that i made. but it worked out all the same.
i made a ‘dora and friends play baseball’ themed cupcake-cake for the kids’ birthdays this weekend. lily and topher love the show. topher admittedly loves boots, dora’s monkey friend, but yes- he loves a ‘girl’ show. chris doesn’t really care, since he just calls dora topher’s girlfriend. that makes him a ladies’ man, and apparently there’s nothing wrong with that.
anyway, i need to work on taking better pictures of my cupcakes, cause i thought i had good pictures, but when i looked at them, i realized they kinda stunk. weird lighting, therefore weird flash.
anyway, i made my own buttercream icing. that added about an hour to my process. and that’s not including the dishes. oh how i loathe doing the dishes after making buttercream and washing it out of my icing tips! at least i use disposable icing bags. i am attempting to try to get ready to do more ‘homemade’ stuff and less ‘from the box/can’ stuff. it’s time consuming though. and it already took me about 6 hours to make all the little figures for the cupcakes. maybe i could do it faster, if i did it all in one sitting. but i did it over three nights, after the kids went to bed, and i watched lots of GLEE (awesome) and American Idol (terrible) all the while. dora did not turn out the way i was hoping she would. but backpack did! and i really enjoyed making the trees and flowers.
the kids recognized their ‘friends’ boots, swiper the fox, map, backpack, and dora, so i guess my cupcakes were a success in their very young, and non-descriminating eyes. hope you enjoy these pics as much as my kids enjoyed stuffing these sweet confections in their faces.


the grass is always greener…


  1. WOW Jihae, I'm SO IMPRESSED. I seriously wish I had a cake/cupcake decorating talent but my creations always turn out very unimpressive. Way to go! Oh, and Eli loves the Dora show too…but when acting it out he always plays boots. That makes his Daddy happy too. 🙂

  2. Christin says:

    You NEED to open a shop. I'll work for you and you can pay me in cupcakes.

  3. David says:

    Hey Lady…you are pretty hot…I have been reading your blog for a while and really like your style. If your looking for a good time, low key or whatev. Holla back girl, D-Bone

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