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August 3, 2008

It’s 7:38 am. I have been up for about an hour already. Topher woke up to be fed at 4:30 and 6:30. We had a little conversation cause I think he thinks that he is still two months old. I had to tell him that ‘big boys’ sleep until at least five, if not six, or even seven… Just joking. Though I am a touch tired (understatement of the century folks) I am actually kinda happy to have some time to myself in a quiet house.

We are moving in two days. About four days ago Chris and I looked around the house to see what still needed to be done. It was not pretty. The storage room in the basement was filled to the brim with boxes and suitcases of randomness. Some stuff that used to be Chris’ rommate’s from before I moved in, some stuff that belonged to Jeehon from her first stint of living with us back in ’06 (oh how long ago that was! just married, no kids… ) The garage was not any better.
Moving on Tuesday was not looking too good, or even possible.

Chris took yesterday off of work so that we could get a lot of work done around the house. And the ever wonderful Barb Osborne was in town for the weekend looking at houses, and helping us get ready to move. And let me tell you people- we are pretty ready now! Chris’ beautiful grandparents came over for lunch cause they wanted to see Barb for the short time that she was out. So they came over, as did Robert, Lindsay, Gabe, and Chris’ older brother and his wife. I was pretty adamant (sp? I don’t have time to check this right now!) about people NOT coming over for lunch, but Chris absolutely insisted. Oh to be a submissive wife…

But as usual, Chris was right (you have no idea how much that sucks!)to have people over for lunch because after we all ate Subway (provided by the lovely Lindsay and Robert) and yummy desserts (provided by Grandma and Grandpa), we packed and packed and packed and moved stuff to the garage, to Goodwill, etc. Lily napped for a very good chunk of the time. Topher hung out with his aunt Jennifer in the baby center aka the living room, with his cousins Gabe, and Sungu. The house was full of helpful people- it was incredible!!!!!

So now Tuesday is around the corner and we are looking more and more ready to go. It could not have happened without the help of all the Watsons and The Osborne (she seemed to have the strength of two Osbornes combined that day- you were still missed though Jerry!) I do not recommend moving if you have three kids under the age of one and a half (I don’t care how many adults there are involved in the rearing of the three- it’s not enough!) and I don’t recommend moving in the middle of the summer while living in the desert. I am pretty good at dishing out good advice, even though I never follow it myself.

(Thanks again to all who helped- especially mom, grandma, grandpa! You are all so amazing!)



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