God of the Sabbath

February 26, 2013

i meant to write this post last week but somehow this last week evaded me just like the week before, and the week before that…

i go to a wonderful non-denominational church here in the east valley, and my brother-in-law Robert, is a pastor there. every couple of months we have baptism weekends and last week was one of them.
i think Robert’s job is pretty cool cause he gets to sit around and chat with people and lead them to Christ. not necessarily just in one sitting, but still. it’s awesome. it’s something i don’t think i have ever actually done.
so Robert came over after baptism weekend to pick something up for Chris. he sat down and we chatted with him for a while and then he told us this incredible story from earlier in the day:

i (Robert) was still at church at about 2pm, after everyone else had gone home and people were cleaning the sanctuary after the baptism. then the guy who vaccuums the water out of the pool came and found me and told me he needed me in the sanctuary.
i walked in with him and saw a lady sitting in the front row, bawling. she had wanted to get baptised that morning at one of the services but she couldn’t get to church because she had locked her keys in her car. she was a real shy and meek kind of lady and went on to explain that she didn’t like big crowds, but had been so convicted about the need to get baptised as a public profession of her faith, and symbol of her willingness to follow and obey Christ. so she was excited and scared to get baptised, but then she missed all the services and felt like she had missed her chance. i tried explaining to her that there would be another baptism service in a few short months and that she would have another chance then, but then i remembered the story from Acts 8, where Philip meets a eunuch and he wants to be baptized as soon as they come across some water.
so i asked the water vaccuming guy how much water was left in the pool and he said not very much. maybe half a foot. robert asked the lady if she would like to get baptized right then and there in the little bit of water and she beamed and said “yes!”
so i got in this little pool with this little lady, the vaccuum guy and his assistant were witnessing the whole thing, and i asked the lady to sit on her bottom with her legs stretched out in front of her. i asked her all the pre-baptism questions, she said yes to them all, and that tiny bit of water was just the exact right amount to cover her little frame and face entirely when she laid flat down.
she emerged from the water a new and joyous creation. she went from being the saddest person i had ever seen in my life to the happiest.
there was much applause and tears of joy- not from me, i have an emotional block, but if i didn’t, i would have been crying.

is that not incredible????? even though that’s not what the woman had initially envisioned for her baptism- it was exactly how she wanted to get baptised, being the shy little person she is. so beautiful. and i am so glad Robert got to be a part of something so majestic and wonderful, AND i am so glad he shared that story with me, and now i am glad i get to share that story with YOU! i had read earlier that day in Mark chapter 2 about Jesus being God of the Sabbath, and i prayed that i would allow God to be God of the sabbath that day, instead of me stealing the power and meaning of the day away from Him by filling it with busy-ness and junk. God is good. all the time.



God of the Sabbath


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