getting schooled

September 17, 2011

this year i am teaching the kids some pre-school stuff at home. i won’t call this homeschooling cause what i am doing is not even close to the calibre of stuff that my serious homeschooling friends do with their kids. and unfortunately, i have quite a few friends who are hardcore homeschooling their kids so i really know how short i am falling!

i try to do an intentional lesson with them every monday, wednesday, and friday, and hopefully still teach them a thing or two on the other days of the week as well. mondays we try to focus on our korean, wednesdays we do the alphabet and phonics, and then fridays we do numbers and basic math.

you can judge how smart my kids are by the things that have happened this week and the conversations that we have had:

– i taught the kids chris’ phone number a few weeks ago so that they could call chris if they ever got lost, or to call him in case i had an emergency. i felt like this was better than teaching them 911, because 1. i don’t want them to abuse the power of 911 (aka i don’t want to pay any fines for prank calling 911) 2. if i was in a serious emergency and the kids were able to relay that fact to their dad and he was at work, he would show up as fast as the real 911. anyway, we have practiced calling chris a couple of times and it’s been great. then today topher had my phone and called chris without my knowing. chris loved getting a call from his son who really just wanted to chat with his dad. it was pretty dang cute.

– we aren’t really doing anything ‘sciency’ though i am thinking i need to add that in because of this convo we had in the car yesterday:
lily: “do whales eat fish?”
me: “yes. lots of whales eat fish.”
topher: “we eat fish too.”
me: “yes we do topher. and dolphins eat fish also. so do penguins. and some other animals too…”
lily: “whales also eat Jonahs.”
me: “no. only one whale ever ate a man named Jonah. God had a special plan for Jonah and for that whale. if a whale eats a person that person usually dies.”

– we aren’t really focusing on learning any spanish right now, and really the only spanish the kids know are their numbers and colors. trying to now learn their colors in korean is starting to mess with their heads. topher seems to think he can speak spanish because he asks if he can pray in spanish very often, and eveytime it goes like this: ” (long pause. probably trying to think of any spanish words.) then- Dear Jesus… hahahaha!” ah the sense of humor of a three year old.



getting schooled


  1. Lindsay says:

    That is exactly how we started out Jihae! Let me know if you want some resources for that age group or want to do some group science lessons! We are studying the earth and are going to be making volcanoes in the next few weeks. You guys are always welcome to join us!

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