garbage men and obgyns. same thing?

July 21, 2010

so i had my annual check up the other day ago. it went fine. once they were able to find my ever-shrinking bossom, i got checked out and no breast cancer. thanks kimchi and all the other garlic-infused foods i injest daily!

anyway, when the exam got to the seriously uncomfortable part, and the doctor had to call her assistant in, i thought about these two women who were doing something i would NEVER EVER do in a million years. and i really really really wanted to ask them what the heck they were doing in this profession. but i couldn’t, cause i am a wimp.

all i could come up with, was that their job is much akin to that of a sanitation engineer, aka garbage man. these hard working folk deal with some foul junk, but i’m sure every once in awhile they come accross some serious treasures that people haphazardly toss in the trash. so, even though obs have to do gross things like annual exams, they do have the amazing responsibility of bringing new lives, little treasures, into the world. but that’s just ob’s, i really do not know what the deal is with the gynecologists then.



garbage men and obgyns. same thing?


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