game time is…

September 14, 2010

a time of high emotions. good times. lots and lots of disappointing and bitter and sad times. yes, it’s football season again, and my stupid arizona cardinals loving husband couldn’t be happier! (mostly cause the cards managed to magically win their first game.) also, chris has started playing in a community basketball league, and he also happened to have his first basketball game on sunday after the cardinals’ victory. chris’ team dominated, and so chris was walking around with the biggest grin on his face. sports. they can make him feel things, that i, as his wife, and best friend, and mother to his children, still cannot.

sunday could have been an annoying sports/chris-centric day, if it hadn’t been for how hilarious the kids were. they love sports too! or they love to yell, and watching sports is a great outlet for them to scream at people, without getting in trouble themselves. while watching the cardinals game with his dad, topher was yelling all sorts of crazy things. and at the right times! when the cardinals did something right (oh so rarely so topher really had to be on his toes to catch those opportunities) topher cheered- even before chris did. but when chris would be upset by one of their fumbles or other football follies, chris would grunt and yell, and then topher would let out a giant: “oh gosh!” and then he wanted chris to mimic him, so topher started to encourage chris: “dad, say: ‘oh gosh!’ ” and he would wait. no response. “dad, say: ‘oh gosh!’ ” he did this a handful of times. chris did not say ‘oh gosh!’ cause topher was being too funny and so he couldn’t really say anything.

then after watching the cardinals game, we went to a junior high school where a bunch of grown (some over-grown), sweaty men gathered in a not-very-well air conditioned gym to disply their manliness to the crowds that had gathered to watch them play. aka their families. we had a great time cheering for #8. definite NBA potential… but lily and topher were yelling the funniest things while chris played.

lily: “go dad! you can do it! hey dad! look! i’m over here! hey dad!” and of course, chris looked over, which made lily so happy.

topher: “great job dad! you’re doing great! … oh gosh!…”

hopefully this is the right video, but for some reason i told the kids chris was going the wrong way (away from his basket) and then all of a sudden the kids started yelling really really loudly that he was going the wrong way. a lot of the other spectators were very amused. moms and wives of course.

anwyay, sunday happened to be a really great day for sports in the watson household. there will be some days of mixed emotions, and other days of just bad bad bad emotions. and the Suns are gearing up for their season in a bit over a month too, which will just add an extra dimension of emotions. but for now, we are happy to have spent such a happy and success-filled sunday



game time is…


  1. Chad says:

    Wow…is your husbands name "Grant?" You seem to be very supportive of that guy…he is so lucky.

  2. Shannon says:

    That's awesome! And probably not annoying at all for the other guys on the team. 🙂 Just kidding! When we hang out let's take your kids to public places, see what we can get them to do, and then tape it! It looks like a lot of fun! 🙂

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