funny things this week

March 4, 2011

-usually when i am writing out the alphabet, or any serious coloring with the kids, we are sitting at the kitchen table. i sit on one side while the kids sit on the other, therefore i usually write upside down. i have to admit, i still write my ‘s’ and ‘z’s backwards sometimes. i am not that smart and i didn’t go to teacher’s college (i hear you learn to write backwards and upside down there… or you used to when people used overhead projectors instead of powerpoint.) anyway, lily was pretending to be me and came up with this: she wrote her name upside down and it came out pretty great! sure her ‘L’s are backwards, but it’s still awesome.

-today lily tried to go #2 this morning before school. she pushed and nothing really happened. she hopped off the pot and looked in. there was a dead fly. i imagine it flew in there in the middle of the night looking for a drink of water and instead met it’s demise instead. that’s what i, with my 30 year old brain, imagined what happened. lily’s almost-4-year-old brain said: “look! i pooped a fly!”

-topher is teething, along with every boy i watch during the week. it’s special. topher’s been dealing with his new molar pretty well. he noticed it a few days ago, and keeps pointing it out. today in the car, topher said: “look mom! i have a new tooth! santa put it there!”

-here’s another picture lily drew: it comes complete with kneecaps, eyebrows, and two hats.

-topher is in the “why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why?” portion of his life. annoying as that may be, it’s just a phase. right? i am hoping topher will always think he is a superhero with superpowers:



funny things this week


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