fun with the iron

July 17, 2012

so we’ve done this craft in our special needs class at church. my friend christie is the director of the special needs program at our church and she has such great ideas. i love her. i totally stole this craft from her. and my kids LOVED it.
we have tons of ugly crayons. i love crayons. but i kinda need them to be sharp and unblemished. pug is a crayon eater, or crayon chewer i should say. and the kids are good at wearing crayons down too. so we have a good amount of scrappy crayons, and this was the perfect way to get rid of some of them!
all you need is an iron, a towel, wax papaer, a pencil sharpener, and some crayons. we decided to work on writing out the kids’ whole names this day. so the kids traced out their names that i dotted out for them. then they cut them out. here’s topher showing how to use kiddie scissors, that are so safe they barely cut paper: 
then you sharpen your ugly crayons:

we spaced out topher’s name and sprinkled the crayon shavings between a folded piece of wax paper and got it ready to be ironed:

and then you iron the paper and kinda squish the crayon bits down. BUT don’t get too crazy with this part, especially if you have a lot of shaving on the edges, cause then this will happen:

yup. i got crayon on my iron! doh! that sucks. and on the towel. oh the things you have to do for art.

and that’s lily and topher proudly (and kinda creepily) displaying their oeuvres d’art. great times!



fun with the iron


  1. Brantonians says:

    you are a teacher. Your teaching projects make my heart skip a beat! Your children are so blessed by your creativity! (hey, even stolen creativity takes effort! Way to go!)

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