fun with construction paper

July 10, 2012

topher and lily are big into legos these days. but legos are kind of expensive, and the ones that the kids really want are really small- aka wonderful chocking hazards for my little mia moo.
they have lego sets of everything- harry potter, star wars, super heroes, even princesses. and mega bloks (a lego-like company) also has power rangers. crazy.
so in my cheapness, i figure if you can build with lego blocks, you can build with construction paper (and glue!)
so trying to beat the 110+ weather outside, i cut up some shapes and the kids built their power rangers.
i like giving the kids their glue on a plate and then they paint the glue on. it helps us from wasting too much glue. and i bought this jumbo stack of construction paper at costco. it was about $8 for 670+ sheets! that’s a lot of paper.
anyway, the kids also love going to storytime at barnes and noble cause they hear a story and then they get to do a craft associated with the story. i love going too cause someone else has prepared the craft and technically gets to clean it up after we are all done. but i have quit being a wuss and i prepare myself for a craft-related mess everyday. or almost everyday. some days we brave the heat- as in we find a pool to lounge at!
here’s a superman craft we did that coincides with a superhero book that topher has:  

this book- lemony snicket 13 words, is awesome. despondent, scarlet, and haberdashery are part of the 13 words in the book. so are bird, cake, and hat- and those are the shapes i cut out and that the kids glued. good times.
so go through your kids’ shelves and find some of your favorite books and cut stuff up and get your kids to glue it together!
have fun!!!



fun with construction paper


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