Fun Times With the Malloys and Watsons

July 19, 2009

here are some ridiculous moments from the lives of the Malloys and Watsons, as we are officially together again (It’s only been two days!)

1. This is just a Malloys story. But it’s amazing and therefore worth mentioning. Yesterday was Jeehon’s 31st birthday (I know- she looks like she’s 26. It’s a gift) and she spent most of it in Missouri with her family, and the end of it with me and our friend Grace. But the minute it started (12 midnight)- it sucked. Jeehon had fallen asleep on the floor with Sungu in their hotel room. Jeehon fell asleep, not Sungu. So the little party animal went into the bathroom and unravelled a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet and FLUSHED. He took off his clothes and started splashing around in the toilet water, that was leaking down into the room below them. Jeehon discovered the fiasco when Sungu came to wake her up to join the splash works. Happy birthday Jeehon. That sucks. But her night ended with presents, and Coldstone Ice Cream Cupcakes, and that is never a bad way to end any day.

2. This is just a Watson story. Topher dropped a deuce on the floor while I was letting him air out between diaper changes. I try to do something nice for the kid and that’s how he repays me! Punk. And of course he had to touch it. Fortunately he did not have to eat it. And fortunately he pooed on tile. But come on! That’s still gross.

3. James and Chris are driving from Missouri to Arizona, starting last night. They are presently in Gallup, New Mexico. They are going to spend the night somewhere, and then arrive some time tomorrow. They had a slow start to their day which involved brunch at the Olive Garden, and a run-in with the worst road in America. I will have to find out exactly which road they were on, but apparently they thought their giant Budget truck was breaking down cause the cab was shaking SO violently. SO they pulled over and called a mechanic who was trying to tell them that the road they were on was REALLY bad. The guys thought he was just being lazy, so they made the mechanic come and get them on the highway. The mechanic came. Jumped into the truck with them and told them to drive and get off the road they were on. Sure the cab was shaking them like they were popcorn in the microwave, but the mechanic very calmly said he was sure it was the road they were on. As soon as they got off that road- the truck sailed along very smoothly. Something I will probably never let Chris live down.

4. Finally, the three kids are back together again. So sweet. Had a great day today with lots of playing, some screaming, and a bit of fighting- the way things are supposed to be! The day ended off with a bath as usual. But as they were waiting for their towels that Jeehon was grabbing, Lily looked over at Sungu, who was standing beside where she was sitting, she stuck out her tongue, and licked Sungu’s butt. YOWSERS. I told her very firmly that ‘We do NOT lick people’s butts! EVER!’ Then she looked at me and smiled, and licked my face, which was extra disgusting since I saw where that tongue had just been, and I told her that we just do not lick people. Ever.

And this is our very special, very gross, but happy family. (butt happy?…)



Fun Times With the Malloys and Watsons


  1. Brantonians says:

    Mike and I are laughing out loud about the butt-licking!

  2. wow Sungu!! What a memorable birthday for Jeehon. The Watson/Malloy household sounds like good times!

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