Finished! Or Refinished?

September 2, 2008

So we finally did it! We finished a project! Chris and I are not good at finishing what we start. Or I am really not good at finishing what I start, and Chris is better at finishing stuff, but not the best. Actually, I think one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to start finishing what I started. Over the past year, here are some things that have yet to be done:

-My Masters. I started a master’s program online doing Biblical Counseling. I was very glad that I was accepted in the program, but it was not for me. I got through one course. Pathetic.
-Wedding Thank You Cards. Probably finished 20 of em. Had about another 30 or so to go. Maybe more. I don’t know. I bought the stamps and the stationary and everything. Maybe I will get arounf to them later. Probably not. (Is that tacky to send out thank you cards three years after you’ve gotten married?)
-Wedding Album/Scrapbook. You know what? I had a bunch of kids in the last two year. They really don’t aid in my affliction of not being able to finish stuff. I shall continue to use them as my scape goat probably for the rest of my life…

Anyhoo, we got this awesome desk on Craig’s List for $25. But man was it ugly! Just dinged up and a light oak color. We planned on sanding, then staining it. Chris got the sanding part down two weeks ago. We got around to putting the first coat of stain on it on Tuesday (or whenever I mentioned it last) and it still looked pretty ugly. Then we got a stain plus polyeurethin (oh my gosh. that’s not how you spell it. i can’t figure it out!) and that was money in the bank! Two coats of that was awesome. So now it’s in our library/office/front room, and we couldn’t be happier.

Chris and I had a great time working on this together. One valuable lesson we learned while working on the desk was to take the plank out of your eye before removing the spec out of your brother’s (or your spouse’s) eye. As we were putting on the first coat of the second stain, we looked at the others’ work and immediately went to even out the drips and uneven brush strokes. We actually hit our brushes together as went crossed over to fix the others’ mistakes, even though our own mistakes were the exact same. How quick we are to judge others!

Anyway, this project would not have been possible without the help of our kids, Amy, and Jeff. Our kids, for napping at the same time as each other. Amy, for her helpful hints and suggestions. And Jeff, for his muscles. This was one heavy piece of furniture. Thanks guys! And now we can actually park one car in our three-car garage. One down, two to go. We’ll have to see if we ever get around to cleaning out/organizing the garage…



Finished! Or Refinished?


  1. You guys are too funny. So happy the desk turned out. . .can’t wait to see it!

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