Finally! Zoolights!

January 6, 2010

at the end of the night, lily had had enough. no more pictures. no more walking. let’s go home dad. didn’t help that she was seriously constipated.

checking out the lights that danced to the music.

lily, happy to be out for a night on the town.

i have lived in arizona for 5 winters now and have said i will go to zoolights every year, and it just never happened. zoolights is over on the 10th (this sunday), so we figured yesterday was as good a time as any! the weather was perfect, as was the company. we had dinner at robert and lindsay’s first, where we had a traditional ‘vig’ (lindsay’s maiden name) meal of swedish meatballs and potatoes. superyummy! thanks lindsay.

we loaded up the four kids (in two seperate vehicles. cause even though i have a mini van, we cannot fit 4 car seats and 4 adults in it.) and were on our way. we stopped at starbucks on the way which was a particularly wonderful treat for me. i don’t actually remember the last time i had a latte (maybe a month ago), so i seriously savoured it.

it was $7 for us to each get in (not the kids. they’re free) cause i have a zoo pass. there were tons and tons and tons of lights. it was very fun to look at it all. the kids weren’t really able to appreciate everything, but i think in a few short years, they will come to love zoolights. only a section of the zoo is open for zoolights, and i was surprised at how short the walk seemed. but chris told me we had already been there for an hour and i was shocked. time flies when you’re having fun!


Finally! Zoolights!


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