fathers day

June 21, 2011

today is father’s day and i am sitting quietly in a cabin up north in overgaard,
hanging out with my sleeping niece, and waiting for everyone else to come back from a walk. i kinda feel like it’s mother’s day!

i feel superblessed to not be in the phoenix area today for a couple reasons. 1. i am wearing a long sleeve shirt and am worried that my kids are too cold on their walk right now, whereas if we were home, i would be worried about nothing because we would definitely not be outside on a walk, and definitely not be cold. 2. i am hanging out with two of my favoritest dads- chris and wes!

here are chris and his dad playing tether ball together yesterday:

that was a hilarous and wonderful snapshot of yesterday. a wonderful father’s day moment we had today was when we were rolling dice to see who would go first while playing Farkle. kim and i lost. chris and wes both rolled a six. so it was a roll off. they rolled again. both rolled a 1. roll again. both rolled a 3. roll again, wes rolled a 5, chris rolled a 4. adorable.

chris and wes are a cute couple of men. i may have already mentioned this before, but one of the most incredible things about these men, and pretty much all the watson men (grandpa and robert)- is how freely they throw out: “i love you”. and mean it! they all say this to each other quite often- grown men saying “i love you” to each other all the time. as a korean woman- that’s crazy to hear. the first time i knew i was joining a different kind of family was when i was on the phone with chris after he moved back to arizona and was briefly living with his dad. wes came in to chris’ room to say good night and they chatted for a second, and then they exchanged “i love yous”. they were just going to bed. they were going to see each other in the morning. it’s not like they were going off to war or jail or into the lion’s den. they were just saying “i love you” as if it was something they always said. again- for me, it was weird. and now that i have been part of this watson clan for over five years, i am used to hearing it. though it never fails to warm my heart everytime i hear chris getting off of the phone with his dad, or brothers, or grandpa, and saying: “i love you.”

i want to clarify that most korean people are not superverbal about their feelings whether they be good or bad feelings. my family does not throw out the words: “i love you” a whole bunch, but that doesn’t mean that i don’t think my parents, brothers, and sister don’t love me. i know they do. funny enough, my parents actually say “i love you” like it’s going out of style to lily, topher, sungu, and sunha. i don’t know why they say it so freely to the little ones and not so much to their own kids, but that’s their perogative. i feel the love from my parents through their outpouring of verbal love to my kids.

so, one of my favoritest lines in any movie is from ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” Mr.T (yes, the guy from the 80s with the mohawk and gold chains) is the voice of a dad who loves his son very much. there is one time when he tells his son: “i love you son.” and to that his son replies: “i know dad! you tell me everyday!” that’s how it’s supposed to be! fathers telling their sons, and daughters, that they love them, every day, and kids just knowing that they are so very loved.

my kids are very fortunate to be part of a family that expresses their love for one another very very openly. chris loves loves loves his kids and he tells them and shows them just how much, every day. and lily and topher know that their dad loves loves loves them and are going to be two very confident, well-adjusted, secure, and happy kids because of that love.

just look at the love:

happy father’s day to wes, chris, and all the other wicked-great dads out there. much love and respect to you all.



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