Everything In It’s Place

October 27, 2009

Lily has been extra hilarious lately. Yesterday we were hanging out at Robert and Lindsay’s, and Chris was shooting these little basketballs into Gabe’s toy basketball hoop across the room. After one particularly wayward shot that nearly knocked two pictures off of the wall, Lily looked at her dad and yelled ” ‘O More!” And when her dad chose not to listen to her and threw another terrible shot, Lily looked at him and said very sternly “NO! ‘O more!” Funny that she can say ‘no’ but not ‘no more’. Kids! I don’t understand their brains, and that’s probably why I love them so much- so much mystery!

Another thing that is important to Lily- right up there with not destroying other people’s houses, is for things to be where they belong, even if she is the only one who knows where things ‘belong’. This doesn’t mean that she is always clean and tidy, but everything is where it belongs in her world. And when she sees an animal- whether in real life, or in a book, she yells at it to go to it’s mommy. Cause that’s where they belong- with their mommies. For someone who is such a daddy’s girl, I am glad to know that in her heart she knows she also belongs by my side.

Then this week we went down to Tucson to hang out with Chris, who was doing some training thing there all week. We went down on Thursday afternoon, hung out and waited for him to finish up on Friday morning, then took a trip to see Chris’ uncle in seriously-south-Tucson, which was on the way to ridiculously-south-Sierr Vista, where we hung out with the Malloys till Saturday. Anyhoo, Lily saw pine cones on the ground for the first time, outside of our hotel room, and I told her and Topher that they fell out of the trees. This was unacceptable for Little Miss Lils. They needed to go back where they belonged. If only she could figure out how to get the sad little pine cones back into the trees from which they had fallen…
Lily and Topher nursing, and taking inventory of the hurt pine cones.
This first picture is kinda dark, but I’m no Erin or Jenny, so pretend that you can see Lily standing under the giant tree, hoping the pine cones will flutter up to their homes.
Finally! A little help from dad! Though the pine cones still did not end up where they were supposed to be, Lily was back with her dad, and that was good enough for her. All in a day’s work.



Everything In It’s Place


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