estate sales! drool…

August 22, 2010

another new hobby for the watsons! and yes, it involves spending money. sigh. but does anyone actually have any free hobbies???? actually, i just started wasting gigantic portions of my evenings (after the kids are in bed) playing ‘bejewled.’ i’m not very good, which is why i am playing it with such diligence! i should probably just pick up my Bible more. it’s free and won’t give me carpal tunnel.

anyway, we are getting ready to move in a month. we still have no home (3 offers out there though!) but are going to move in with some of our favoritest people in the whole wide world when our lease is up here in september. we thought about staying here on a month-to-month basis, but as i pulled into our apartment complex today, with the kids of course, there were three police cars arresting one guy. awesome. second time this month i have come home to police cars. not the only reason we are leaving, but definitely one of the reasons we aren’t staying.

but back to the title of my post- estate sales! we went garage sale-ing this morning. kinda late, it was 10:30am when we got into the car. but that’s cause chris worked til 3am and that’s just what time we were able to drag him outside. truth be told- chris actually really enjoys garage sale-ing though. it’s a game to him more than it’s shopping. and since i also see it as a game, i tell him what to get and he goes out and gets it. today we were on the prowl for nightstands. and we found two of em!

the first one had a $20 price tag on it. chris came to the car with the nightstand and a smile. he got it for $10. $20 is still good considering a lot of new nightstands go for at least $50. so we kept driving around, and i started losing hope. lots of garage sales pack up by at least 11am, if not sooner, and it was 11am. and about 105 degrees. oh well, we had fun while it lasted.

and then we saw the most beautiful sign: “ESTATE SALE.” u-turn! we followed the signs to a giganormous house. chris went in first while i hugn out with the kids. lily was passed out in her car seat. topher was starting to lose it, until i bribed him with some juice and an opportunity to get out of his carseat. and then he said he had to pee, and i happened to have a styrofoam cup on hand. it was his first intentional stand-up pee-into-a-cup experience, and it went great! i held the cup with much pride and tohper looked at me and said: “don’t drink that mom.” noted. thanks toph.

chris came out to the car soon after with another night stand! it actually kinda matched the first one, only it had more drawers. awesome! and this one had a $35 sticker on it, but it was 75% off (cause the sale was wrapping up) and so chris got it for $8.75. yeah! two nightstands! for less than $20! we are going to refinish them in black, to match the rest of our random black bedroom furniture.

i ran through the house after chris came out, and found a toy storage thing for $7 (with the 75% off)that’s usually priced $45 new at stores. i don’t need new, i just need deals, and apparently estate sales have em! so that’s where we will be most saturdays, driving around, sitting, and peeing in our car, filling it with cheap cheap furniture!



estate sales! drool…


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