esQUse me?

May 21, 2011

thanks for all the blog love the last two days! and thanks for all the congratulations i have received via e-mail and facebook.
for the record- i have no more old posts hidden away, so this is all me in real time. i am really 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant, and i really look more pregnant than that. but i am ok with it. really. now to get some of my old maternity clothes back…

so the other day i was giving the kids a bath and we have bath letters, so i decided to quiz the kids on the alphabet. lily’s got everything down pat (yeah for paying $200 a month for preschool…) but topher sometimes gets things a bit jumbled still. like ‘W’ is always still ‘M’. close, but not really. anyway, i picked up a ‘Q’ and asked topher what it was. he got it right. then i asked him what word starts with the letter ‘Q’. he thought about it and then said: “esQUse me.” he’s a genius. i love him.

lily is out of school as of tuesday. she had a really great first year of preschool, and i am so thanksful that she had such a wonderful and caring teacher. one thing that she didn’t learn in school, but that she has not been able to kick (bad habits are hard to break) is using the phrase: “last night i…” as in: “last night i was a little baby and i lived in your belly” or: “last night i was older and i could drink that.” (that being coffee, soda, stuff i drink that she is not allowed to.) when my friend lainey watched the kids last week, she was crocheting and lily proudly said: “last night i was older and i could use those sticks.” funny girl. i love her.

and finally i would just like to send out a shout out to Jesus for His awesome healing powers. a month ago chris’ grandpa was in the hospital for a few weeks, and we found out chris’ step-dad had a malignant melanoma, and a close family friend had a benign brain tumour (benign or not- a brain tumour is a brain tumour!). things were looking kinda bleak. but a month later, chris’ grandpa is up and at em and you wouldn’t think that he was in the hospital for as long as he was. jerry had surgery to see if his melanoma had spread into his lymph nodes, and it didn’t! cancer-free! and the brain surgery happened on monday and our friend is already home recovering. you can pray that recovery continues to happen quickly, but we are so very very thankful for the millions of answered prayers that have occured just this month alone. Jesus is awesome. i love Him.



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