Episode 23: The Girl with the Clean Socks

August 11, 2018

Catelin Dreibelbis is one of our favorite people. She is a determined, self-controlled, humble, and all around incredible human being.

Her journey started when her mom dropped her off as a 2 year old, with her 3 siblings, to be babysat by her aunt and uncle. And her mom never came back. After that, it was a string of hardship, poverty, and moving around. But all of this happened while Catelin maintained a great attitude, and strong desire to never go back to where she had come from.

This is a killer story that you do not want to miss!

This week we also discussed:

The Chive. A very random tv network? Show? Channel? That Chris happened upon. So random. But we talked about, so it’s making it’s way into the show notes.

This episode of Carlos Whitaker’s podcast that reminded me that I could pray specifically and God would answer my prayer in His very own special way.

– American Citizenship Resources! I kind of became and American Citizen this week! I studied for the civics test using this amazing app! It’s called ‘US Citizenship Test 2018 Audio.’

– That time we imagined that the Marine Corps, which started on November 10th, 1775 at Tun Tavern, and we pictured it like the scene from the Greatest Showman when they started singing ‘From Now On.’ Basically, we are trademarking this idea as the next big Broadway sensation. It will be bigger than Hamilton. And we are trademarking it RIGHT NOW.

From Catelin’s Story:

– We need to support young moms who are at risk of giving up and losing their children. Catelin’s mom definitely had other issues, but maybe if she would have had more support, things would have turned out differently?

– Such a great reminder that Kinship families need more resources!

– And a reminder that clean socks and shoes that fit mean THE WORLD to foster kids! Catelin went for years not eating well, or enough, and never having clothes that were hers, and not wearing shoes that fit, or having socks that were clean.

– Sweet little Dakayla, a young girl who shared that she had accepted Jesus into her heart, and that prompted Catelin to pray to be saved immediately after meeting her! Bless the little children!

Joel Covert Counseling. Thank you for supporting and encouraging and championing Catelin to learn to cry and to be a healthy individual!

– Catelin’s encouragement to parents of older foster/adoptive kids: Do not give up hope, or patience. The kid you are caring for may not understand all that you are doing for them at the time, but they will appreciate you one day! Don’t write anyone off!

– One of our favorite lines: “Whoever tells you ‘no, you can’t do that’, that person is your mom.”

The (Good) Word of the Day:

“Though my father and mother forsake me,
    the Lord will receive me.

– Psalm 27:10

Catelin! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story, and your heart with us today! You are an incredible human and God has great things in store for you!

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Episode 23: The Girl with the Clean Socks


  1. Holly Lemire says:

    I’m not sure if I’m not doing this right, but I am unable to listen to any of the older podcasts. Help!

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