Episode 156: Fighting the Fear of Stigma in Foster Care and Adoption

April 25, 2023


What happens when you choose to put your comfort space aside and open up your heart and home to a child in foster care? Spoiler alert, it can be humbling, messy, and chaotic at times, but it can also be the most rewarding experience that will change your life and the life of another, forever.

Join us as we have a conversation with Stacy Bradley on Fighting the Fear of Stigma in Foster Care and Adoption. Stacy is an adoptive mom and former foster parent who has gone on the journey, advocated hard for her kiddos, and is a pretty cool person to boot!



0:02 – Introduction                     

0:31 – Welcome                          

0:45 – Introduce Stacy Bradley          

1:22 – Get to Know Stacy Bradley        

3:08 – Learning Experiences             

4:40 – Sharing the Journey              

5:25 – Learning to Compromise           

7:01 – Fear Associated with Stigmas     

8:57 – Getting the Wrong Impression     

11:28 – The Response to the Wrong Impression

13:09 – What are the Different Stigmas?  

14:48 – There’s Something Wrong with these Kids

16:59 – Birth Families are Scary       

19:48 – These Kids are Lucky           

20:38 – The Emotional Journey            

22:37 – These Kids are Orphans         

23:42 – It’s a Learning Experience Every Day

24:35 – When the Answer is Found on Pinterest

25:30 – It’s a True Partnership          

26:42 – Getting Fired by a 5-year Old    

28:56 – Stepping Through the Fear        

31:52 – It’s not About Being Brave     

33:04 – Be Willing to do Something       

36:27 – A Smile Goes a Long Way        

36:59 – Episode Takeaway                 

37:35 – The Hope                         

38:08 – Resources                        

38:22 – Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey

38:39 – SAGE Journal                     

39:41 – Poverty by America by Matthew Dezmond

41:12 – Outro               


What Happened to You : Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing

Hardcover – April 27, 2021

by Oprah Winfrey (Author), Bruce D. Perry (Author)


Keeping secrets: how children in foster care manage stigma



Poverty, by America 

Hardcover – March 21, 2023

by Matthew Desmond (Author)



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Episode 156: Fighting the Fear of Stigma in Foster Care and Adoption


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