Episode 124: Stay Persistent With Your Health

October 13, 2021

It’s not easy staying persistent with your health – but it’s SO IMPORTANT! This episode touches upon staying up on your mental, spiritual, and physical health – especially when things don’t go as planned! But set backs don’t need to be that serious if you can get back on track as soon as possible!

Chapters on staying persistent with your health:

0:00 РIntro 

1:24 – Lesson Of The Day

6:50 – “Sometimes You Just Can’t Trust Your Toots” – Chris Watson

7:04 – Trusting Yourself to Not Overanalyze

9:56 – Best Laid Plans

12:54 – Good Word Of The Day!!

18:36 – Episode Wrap-up


Good Word of the Day Isaiah 26:3

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Bek and Kev

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Check out this episode!

And check out this episode with Dee Lavigne, as she talks about fitness so you can stay persistent with your health!


Episode 124: Stay Persistent With Your Health


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